The success of a project is the result of teamwork between Vetimec designers, who are always ready to suggest innovative and quick solutions to reach the set goals, and the customer’s project managers with
their experience in the foundry process. We are able to design complex equipment using the latest software such as CATIA, Unigraphics and Pro Engineering, the same ones used by our customers, allowing for reduction in both time and cost for our customers, while maintaining strict confidentiality


Our production activity has a wide range of different machines, always technologically advanced and in constant evolution, to guarantee the highest machining precision in the shortest amount of time possible. Continued investments in the purchase of 5 axis highspeed milling machines, new generation EDM, die holder milling, drilling, dimensional control machines for checking of impression parts allow us to increase our production capacity, to reduce the lead times, increasing continuously the quality standard of the product.


We supply our customers with sampling and preseries services with the aim of delivering dies ready for production. In our sampling center, consisting of one die casting machine Italpresse 4200T fully equipped with ABB robots, thermoregulation units, jet cooling devices and Vacuum system, we can simulate the production process of a wide range of die casting dies by setting the die casting parameters under mutual agreement with the customer. The quality control department, supporting the foundry, checks the dimensional conformity of the castings using 3D measurements and monitors the quality of metallurgical casting thanks to X-rays.


After the delivery of the equipment we are also available to our customers by offering both the maintenance of the supplied equipment and the manufacture of spare parts that can be easily fitted and assembled in the dies.Programmed maintenance and special care in replacing of inserts, carried out using special materials and heat treatments specifically designed to increase the die life of our equipment, generate increased competitiveness of our tooling. Upon request we can also provide prompt assistance from our highly qualified staff at the customer site.