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10 Feb Qualcosa di buono

Ringraziamo di cuore i fornitori che hanno accolto la nostra proposta di devolvere in beneficenza l'equivalente in denaro che tradizionalmente destinavano all'acquisto di strenne natalizie per Vetimec: 3DSTUDIO, CAD 2001, FGL, GBR ROSSETTO, GRUPPO SALTECO, JONGEN ITALIA, MDT, PROJECT ADRIATICA, SACOA, SECO, STUDIO BRAGAGLIA....

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14 Jan EUROGUSS 2016 in Nuremberg

Our stand was always full of friends, who shared together the pleasure of “tortellini” prepared by Maria. Among all people we raffled off 3 bottles of multi award winning wine. The lucky winner is Mrs. Silvia Barnhausen (company Magna BDW Soest). Thank you everybody! [vc_gallery type="image_grid"...

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13 Dec Inauguration Vetimec 2

Inauguration of new 2400m² manufacturing and assembly area Vetimec 2 (in ex PETRONI Facilities). Vetimec grows larger! By investing in our new manufacturing plant, we are able to provide our customers with an even broader range of services. Vetimec 2 is aimed for the fitting, spotting...

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The human side of technology. During the Euroguss Exhibition in Nurnberg, the speedpainter. Clemens Steinhauer entertained our customers with his both-hands made caricatures. Have a look at the funniest gallery to find you or one of your colleagues. [vc_gallery type="image_grid" interval="3" images="16333,16334,16335,16336,16337,16338,16339,16340,16341,16342,16343,16344,16345,16346,16347,16348,16349,16350,16351,16352,16353,16354,16355,16356,16357,16358,16359,16360,16361,16362,16363,16364,16365,16366,16367,16368,16369,16370,16371,16372,16373,16374,16375,16376,16377,16378,16379,16380,16381,16382,16383,16384,16385,16386,16387,16388,16389,16390,16391,16392,16393,16394,16395,16396,16397,16398,16399,16400,16401,16402,16403,16404,16405,16406,16407,16408,16409,16410,16411,16412,16413,16414,16415,16416,16417,16418,16419,16420,16421,16422,16423,16424,16425,16426,16427,16428,16429,16430,16431" onclick="link_image" custom_links_target="_self" column_number="4" grayscale="no"...

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